HIIT Training – Making The Most Of Your Workouts

HIIT training, or High-Intensity Interval Training, can help you take your workouts to the next level. HIIT training works by doing short-timed intervals of high-intensity cardio workouts, followed by shorter timed intervals of strength training. Getting your heart rate up multiple times, as opposed to just once and holding it, allows the body to burn more calories than regular cardio based workouts and helps to increase fitness and endurance faster.

HIIT training classes are popular for trainers who want to start a training business. The classes are fast- paced and fun. The trainer gets to be creative with exercise choices and the flow of class to keep clients challenged and to prevent boredom and burnout. Clients love that no two classes are ever exactly the same. If the trainer is focusing on something specific like the gluteus medius, there will be a variety of exercises to target that area so the muscle will be worked in every way. If you have an injury or are prone to injury, your group fitness trainer is skilled to show you modifications which can be incorporated into your workouts so that you can safely work that same muscle group differently, yet effectively.  

HIIT training classes can be done anywhere making them extremely versatile. You don’t need to rent a gym or fitness space from a trendy fitness studio. Many of the HIIT classes are now taking place outside allowing clients to enjoy the great outdoors along with a great workout. For individuals who dislike going to a gym or being stuck on a treadmill, outdoor HIIT training classes provide the perfect solution.  

Another benefit to HIIT training classes is you do not need a lot of equipment to get in your workout. For the high-intensity cardio segment, you can do jumping jacks or sprint a very short distance and back. For the strength training segment, you can use your own body weight for resistance training. Exercises such as plank holds, lunges, squats, and donkey calf raises can be done without the use of equipment. If you wanted to add something extra to make the resistance training more challenging, you can add exercise bands, small dumbbells, resistance bands, or a body bar for added weight resistance.  

HIIT training can help you take your workouts to the next level and can help improve cardiovascular health and improve overall fitness. HIIT training burns the maximum number of calories when compared to other group exercise classes and can help you reach your personal fitness goals faster.  

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