HIIT: Quick & Effective

Certified trainers often prefer using high intensity interval training for quick and effective workouts. High-intensity interval training, HIIT, workouts use intervals of intense cardio and weight training during the active recovery periods to get your heart rate up multiple times instead of keeping it at a constant level. It forces you to work harder and push through fatigue while building strength and endurance. It is also more effective at burning calories than other traditional styled aerobic workouts.

Caloric expenditures are higher for HIIT workouts, making it a great choice for individuals who want to burn the most amounts of calories in the least amount of time. People who don’t have a lot of extra time to work out can use HIIT training to get a full body workout in less than an hour. Certified weight loss coaches and weight management specialists love HIIT training for the flexibility of using a variety of workouts than can be tailored to all levels of fitness and age groups.

Certified personal trainers vary the training intervals often to help work different muscles and also to prevent boredom. Each class is completely new and different from the one before. You might have a resistance band station combined with fitness ball training and cardiovascular weight training to create the perfect powerhouse of exercises. Trainers get the ability to be creative with their workout routines during HIIT training to keep their clients engaged and challenged for the duration of the class.

High-intensity interval training can also increase functional fitness and be used as an effective cross training activity in other sports. HIIT training uses many different muscles and often new muscles that don’t get used as often in your primary sport. It can help to strengthen muscular imbalances you may have to prevent injury when you play sports or challenge your endurance in other activities. HIIT training also strengthens the muscle fibers that support your joints increasing your stability and aiding in agility.

HIIT training is a wonderful combination of aerobic conditioning and strength training that is both quick and effective for hitting your fitness goals. Challenge yourself and try a HIIT class today.

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