Heart Health With Cardio

Any individual looking to increase cardiovascular fitness can do so with cardio-based workouts. A personal training class is a great place to start if you are unsure where to begin. Aerobic exercise makes your heart work harder to pump blood and it also raises your heart rate, so you burn calories.

Group fitness classes are also a great way to add cardio fitness into your routine and be in a supportive environment that is free from judgement. There are many different types of cardio classes to choose from when selecting group fitness classes. There are also many variations depending on if you want low-impact or high-impact. There are also cardio fitness classes to complement other activities if you are looking for cross training opportunities.The best certified personal trainer (CPT) program is the one whose training and fitness class offerings best fit with your goals. 

If you want a high energy and high-impact calorie burning class, finding a kickboxing instructor at a local martial arts fitness center is a great place to start. They can help you make modifications to help you reach your health and wellness goals. If you need the class to be harder or easier or even if you are recovering from injury, CPTs are trained to help all levels of athletes. One of the qualifications for a personal trainer is helping clients identify their individual goals and mapping out a personalized training routine to help them reach those goals. 

Lower impact cardio classes can be less intimidating for newer athletes. Aqua fitness classes are a great low-impact option giving lots of opportunities for cardio fitness and toning. Indoor cycling classes also provide a low-impact option for cardio fitness and you get to control the intensity of your workout. 

Some of the cardio yoga classes can also provide a great aerobic workout to help improve flexibility and heart health. Yoga exercises can also be modified to help build cardio fitness and are low-impact enough that all fitness levels can benefit. Cardio yoga is also a recommended exercise for seniors, helping them with balance and stability in addition to heart health.

Being active can help improve cardiovascular fitness and help keep you active and healthy. The best cardio exercises depend on your personal needs and fitness levels. Finding something that you personally enjoy will be the key to staying consistent and motivated. Visit a CPT or fitness instructor from a local gym for guidance if you need help choosing which styles of classes are best for you. Invite friends and neighbors to engage in fitness classes with you. Having an exercise buddy will be a good motivator and accountability partner to make sure you both reach your fitness goals and stay committed to them!

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