Health and Wellness Coach Certification – Holistic Fitness

Holistic fitness is more than just physical fitness. It encompasses the emotional side of health as well.  Elements that can affect your physical fitness include stress, diet, and sleeping patterns. If your stress levels are high, your diet is poor, and you don’t get enough sleep or consistent quality of sleep, your physical workouts can be negatively impacted resulting in greater challenges when trying to reach your fitness goals. Holistic fitness looks at the bigger picture to incorporate stress reduction techniques and exercises, improving your daily nutrition, and improving the quality of your sleep so that your physical fitness plan can be properly supported. Health and wellness coach certification  covers holistic fitness and incorporates many of the same principles into personal training plans and life coaching plans. Health and wellness coaching takes a different approach toward fitness than traditional personal training programs, for busy individuals who cannot find proper balance in life – holistic fitness is the perfect fit to regaining control of their personal fitness and health.

Benefits of personal training certification are plentiful for health and wellness coaches. Because their jobs support many different facets of the client, it provides a clear individualized wellness training program that allows each client to shine in their own way. Some clients are disciplined with their fitness training but have too much stress and bad dietary habits that create struggles to see any desired results. Others may have great diets but struggle to get in enough sleep due to other stressors in life. No two health and wellness coaching programs are the same for their clients. They are personalized to fit the specific needs of each client to help support their specific fitness and health goals.

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