Group Fitness Instructor Tips

A group fitness instruction certification will provide you with the opportunity to teach group fitness classes. Becoming a personal fitness trainer is not simply providing a training plan to someone.There are things you can do to be the best group fitness instructor.

When client prospecting, learn the personality of the clients that are interested in your class and learn what their personal fitness goals are.This will help you create a routine that fits the majority of your clients. If you clients want more strength training and less cardio, then consider teaching a strength conditioning class. Understanding what the needs of your clients are can help you create a class that meets the demands of the students in your class.

Group the needs of your clients together based on interests. Have new clients fill out personal trainer forms. If many of your clients are cyclists, a group cycling class may be just what they are looking for. You’ll be able to invite clients based on interest and add from there. Many athletes look for group fitness classes during the off season and winter months to stay fit before training season starts back up. Fall and winter provide a great opportunity to acquire new clients in a group fitness class.

Keep a positive attitude and stay neutral on current events. Your students are there to get a workout, not debate politics or current events. Keep the atmosphere focused on fitness and keep a positive demeanor. You want your students to feel encouraged and proud of their accomplishments that day. A great workout can set the tone for the entire day. Be their inspiration for that short time that you have with them. Inspire them to make healthy decisions every day for a healthy lifestyle all year round.

Change your routine often to prevent boredom. Add new moves or new fitness gadgets to change things up often. For many clients, your class may be their only experience in a health club. Expose them to different fitness tools and show them various ways to do them so they will gain the confidence to be able to be successful outside of class too. People like to be mentally engaged too and learn new things. Keeping your routine fresh and new will be something your clients will look forward to each time. Personal trainer & Group Fitness Instructor online courses are a great way to learn new moves.

Group Fitness Certification

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