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Group fitness is a fun way to socialize and get fit with friends. You might wonder which personal trainer certification is needed is teach group fitness. Most health clubs will allow you to teach group fitness classes with a basic personal trainer certification. Many fitness certification companies offer group fitness certifications as well that you can get in addition to your original certifications. A lot of establishments will require this extra training program as well. It is a great addition to your continuing education because it teaches you how to make your class flow from one move to the next and shows you ways to help clients in your class that may not be at the same fitness level as the majority. You will also learn how to modify moves for others who have a disability or who are recovering from injury. The main idea is to have fun and get fit. Any additional knowledge you can bring to your resume and extra experience you can obtain will be more beneficial to you when you apply to teach group fitness classes.

There are many different types of group fitness that you can teach. Not all group fitness classes are the traditional step aerobics settings from years ago. You can do classes on stability ball training to improve balance and coordination. You can be a martial arts trainer, helping other learn focus, control, and self defense. You can teach golf conditioning classes, helping golfers improve their swing and form. There are even prenatal fitness classes you can teach, helping new mothers stay active during their pregnancies. There are numerous classes to teach and all fall into the group fitness training.

ASFA® offers online certification training. These classes are fantastic for trainers who are looking to add additional certifications to what they already have. They are also great for individuals looking to switch careers with already busy schedule who have less free time to take traditional classes. The online training is often less expensive too since you are not having to pay for classroom rental or instructor. If there is a specific group fitness class that you want to teach and you know where you want to teach it, reach out to the establishment to see what type of specific certifications they require that you have before applying for the job. This will ease the pain of having to do double course work if they require a hands-on classroom setting for group fitness certifications.

Group fitness classes are fun. They help to build community for the common goal of getting fit together. It’s a social time for many. They come not only to work out, but also to see their work out buddies. It is also great for accountability. It will be noticed if you don’t show up for a work out, and nobody wants to be called out by a trainer or friend! There is a lot of positive energy that makes each class fun.

Group Fitness Certification

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