Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification: Fun, Fitness and Friends

Group fitness can be a fun way to get fit with friends. Bootcamp classes have increased in popularity taking the lead as the most requested type of group fitness class. Personal training certification reviews show that students who study how to get a personal training certificate have a strong interest in continuing their education into group fitness and bootcamp certification.

Bootcamp classes combine intervals of cardio and a personal training workstation that uses weights or body weight as resistance. Cardio intervals can include jogging or short sprints. Any exercise that gets your heart rate up quickly can be used for the cardio portion of the workout. You can even use jumping jacks or toe taps. The anaerobic portion can use free weights or your own body weight. Examples of using your own body weight for resistance can include squats, lunges, walking lunges, and pushups. When trainers complete a trainer course or workshop, they learn about being creative to help clients feel like they are having fun with friends as they work on their fitness goals. 45 minutes endurance workouts can be fun with an energetic instructor and a fast paced routine.  

Another reason that bootcamp certification and group fitness classes are fun is because the classes change often to prevent boredom. Many traditional aerobics classes use the same routine and the clients know that routine by heart. Bootcamp certification gives group fitness goers some variety. Knowing that each class will be different gives the clients something fun to look forward too. If you try a bootcamp group fitness class and do not enjoy it, go back and do it again! Chances are the next class will be completely different from the last one you tried. Instructors are the same way. Some follow text book routines and others are very creative with background in dance fitness. Their classes are always fun because they know how to engage each person to keep them challenged while having fun.

Group fitness/bootcamp certification gives trainers the opportunity to have fun and spread fitness with friends and the community. The flexibility of being able to do these classes anywhere makes the activity easily mobile. Get your certification and start your own group fitness class and have fun with friends and fitness.

Group Fitness Certification

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