Golf Fitness: Improve Your Client’s Game

Golfers of all levels can reap benefits of golf-specific workout plans to increase their games, focus and recovery. Functional Fitness can improve performance both on and off the course. Golf-specific exercise moves can improve the quality of your swing, and being more efficient with each strike. Having greater fitness improves not only your game, but your recovery time too.

Injury prevention is one of the biggest benefits of golf specific fitness for golfers. Golfers often experience pain in their lower back in addition to having bouts of joint pain and tendinitis. Golf-specific fitness can help strengthen the back muscles and improve posture. Tendons can muscle tissue can be strengthened to help golfers get the most from their games.

Fitness can also help golfers by adding speed and power to their swings. Having greater speed and power will add distance to their shots, thus improving performance on the course.

Using golf specific exercises can help you have more control over your swing. Specific muscles are utilized for greater control and the method of striking the ball will be more proficient.

Being fit will also builds cardio endurance which will reduce the amount of fatigue you feel on the course. This will be especially beneficial for golfers who walk their entire course and are on their feet all day. Not fatiguing so early in the game will allow you to continue using good form and posture, thus reducing the risk of injury due to fatigued muscles.

Golf fitness refers to golf-specific workouts that focus on stability, balance, body awareness, muscle control, strength, power and flexibility. These workouts can help a golfer improve their performance on and off the course as well as focus and recovery. Working with a personal trainer can help you focus on what your strengths are and can customize a workout plan tailored to your individual needs so that you can maximize your performance in golf.

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