Getting into Group Fitness

Explore the Possibilities of Group Fitness Instruction!

Have you considered expanding your personal fitness business? Do you want to build a new set of classes and services? Do you want to improve your client base and potential revenue? One of the best ways to enable your self-development is by earning additional certifications in different areas of fitness. Any certification you can earn is a new area of business that you can expand into and a new range of classes you can offer. Group fitness is a wonderful activity to teach and a viable way to increase your client base and business. This could be your perfect opportunity and a solution for your fitness business expansion.

Group fitness classes involve a team of people all working together to perform various exercises and activities. During these sessions, the team might perform a handful of different routines to improve different aspects of their fitness and physique. First, they might undertake some warm up stretches, and then some short-burst running, and then change to squats and burpees. The possibilities are endless. The emphasis is on high-intensity and the group dynamics of the class. Group fitness helps develop teamwork, promotes camaraderie, and continual self-improvement. Clients involved in group fitness classes can get in shape more affordably that personal training and at the same time enjoy the company of other like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

To teach group fitness classes, you should first earn your certification in this form of instruction. ASFA® offers a group fitness certification that will teach you what you need to know. You will learn the basics of the activity, and how to formulate your own group classes. Furthermore, this dynamic online course will help you understand the important of managing your whole team and promoting teamwork and healthy competition. Once certified you can be assured that you will have the tools you need to enter in the rewarding area of group fitness!

Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification

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