Get Outside with a Bootcamp Class this Spring!

Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring. Many group fitness classes have gotten creative in ways to keep workouts exciting for clients. Bootcamp classes are one of those group fitness opportunities that have taken a step outside the box, bringing fitness to the great outdoors. 

Studies have shown that doing fitness outside, as opposed to inside, helps to stimulate the mind and create a greater sense of well-being. Being outside for class makes fitness fun because the environment around you is always changing, and each class can be a completely new experience. Bootcamp classes are constantly changing up their routine as well to keep your mind and body challenged. Between the changing class exercises and the changing environmental factors around you, outdoor bootcamp classes are incredibly invigorating.

Bootcamp classes combine strength training and cardio intervals to provide clients with a full body workout. These power workouts can help you burn calories, burn fat, tone up, while increasing stamina and endurance. Certified personal trainers (CPT) can even tailor the workouts for training specificity for those athletes requiring sport specific movements or functional fitness movements to support another sport. Strength training with correct form is important not only for injury prevention, but also to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your strength training workouts. Bootcamp instructors can give you the personal guidance you need since the class is often broken into smaller groups for intervals. The group setting allows the instructor to give a demonstration of each exercise for those that need a visualization of muscle action. This is especially useful for those needing modifications for their exercises. 

Outdoor bootcamp classes are also cost effective since the instructor does not need to find a personal trainer studio for rent. The prices of personal trainers vary, but having the group fitness class setting allows you to share that cost with the other clients. This usually brings the class price down for each member, making outdoor bootcamp classes fun and affordable. It provides an inexpensive option to try something new and enjoy fitness with friends in a fun environment.

Going outside for bootcamp classes is enjoyable for a traveling personal trainer, making each class a unique experience. So try something new—move your workouts outside and enjoy an outdoor bootcamp class with an earthy vibe. 

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