Get Fit on the Ballet Barre

Ballet workout classes are a fun and unique way to get fit. A Barre fitness instructor combines ballet inspired moves using a barre and various stretching methods.

A ballet fitness workout can be enjoyed by all ages and levels of fitness. The barre adds extra stability to the moves. This enables even the least coordinated ballet enthusiast to enjoy a fun workout without having to balance much. As you continue to go and strengthen the core muscles, you will gain stability and flexibility and will be able to use the barre more for technique than balance. The stretching techniques are able to be modified to your own personal level. Whether you are new to fitness or an experience athlete, you will always be able to challenge yourself and get a great workout.

Cardio barre workout can be taught by any trainer who has a ballet fitness certification. This teaches them the proper techniques for each move so that you can learn them safely without over straining. Many of the women’s fitness instructor groups have incorporated a lot of the barre workouts into their programs for the basic stretching routine and graceful flow of the class. Getting fit on the ballet barre has exploded with popularity across the country because clients enjoy them so much. Many health clubs now offer barre classes in addition to private studios making it easier to attend classes and available to larger groups of clients.  

Ballet exercise helps to create lean muscle tissue using isometric moves that are low impact. This means that there is little impact on the joints. You will want to receive a lot of attention during your first class to make sure you are doing the moves properly. If you are new to the ballet barre, let your instructor know so they can watch your form more closely during class. The moves are short, but use high repetitions so it is important to keep good form, even when your muscles tire. You will get a good cardio workout as well.

If you are ready for something new and fun, try a ballet workout and enjoy getting fit on the ballet barre!

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