Get Cycling Certified: Cardio, Toning, and More!

There aren’t many fitness activities that provide as many benefits as cycling does. This fantastic workout offers great toning, cardio, muscle strength improvement and increased bone density. It is also extremely therapeutic and is considered a low-impact method of exercise as it doesn't put an increased strain on any of your joints.

Cycling can be enjoyed by anyone, and while outdoor cycling allows you to enjoy the outdoors and nature, indoor cycling offers a great exercise option for those who haven't yet mastered the art (or when the weather just won’t permit outdoor cycling). If you are a personal fitness instructor and are looking for a new activity to learn, try a cycling certification, this is a sure-fire way to increase your knowledge base and potential for new business.

Indoor cycling involves stationary cycling machines that people can use and change the tension on (this can be used to simulate different conditions like cycling up a hill). Indoor cycling classes are usually done in sync with music and the instructor will keep changing the pace and tension, participants may also stand up on the bike to increase the amount of resistance. Cycling classes are fun, enjoyable and interesting classes to take and to participate in. It is easy to see why indoor cycling is so popular and why so many people enjoy it.

ASFA's online certification in cycling instruction can bring a whole new level of enjoyment and challenge to your fitness career. This certification is extremely convenient and once you are qualified, the only way is forward (literally, on your bike!). You should be able to offer cycling classes to your clients or even work freelance for a gym who has cycling equipment. The possibilities are endless!

Indoor Cycling Certification

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