Functional Fitness: Making Everyday Life Easier and Athletic Performance Better!

Take your fitness career to new levels with functional fitness instruction!

While some forms of fitness are aimed at improving an athlete's performance, others are concerned with improving our quality of life. Fitness is not just about success in competitions, it is also a means of living a healthy life and improving your daily routine. Functional fitness fills this role and is the perfect activity to engage in if you want to improve your resistance to injury and help you with daily tasks and activities. This type of fitness helps us develop our core body strength and improves our flexibility and muscle resistance. During these classes, you will perform a variety of exercises that improve your client’s functionality. Whether you are training professional athletes, or the elderly – functional fitness applies! If your clients’ need dynamic speed and coordinated movement or just assistance with balance – it’s all about what is functional! 

As a fitness instructor, you stand to gain a great deal from including this type of activity as part of your service. There is a real need for functional fitness, and there are many people who would love to sign up for this type of class. Many individuals do not have the time or do not want to undertake regular strenuous exercise. They do however want to maintain a decent level of fitness and stay healthy. Functional fitness can help! You can appeal to this demographic of people while still appealing to those who need extreme functionality (such as professional athletes). 

The ASFA® functional fitness certification is a great qualification to have and is a direct path to teaching this valuable activity. Due to the practical skills and knowledge you will learn, once certified, you will have the confidence to create unique and interesting functional fitness classes. What other certification can appeal to such a large audience? What other certification applies to everyone? The only question left is: What are you waiting for?

Functional Fitness Instruction

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