Fun in The Sun Fitness

Warmer months are finally here and so are opportunities for outdoor fitness adventures with an extra dose of sunshine. Training and conditioning outside can help you reach your personal fitness goals by preventing boredom, providing a change of scenery to keep you engaged, and increased feelings of calmness and reduced stress by connecting you to nature. There are many fitness trainer tools that you can utilize to do a variety of exercises outside.  

Many bootcamp-style workouts have moved outdoors to help make the classes more unique and challenging while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. If you participate in outdoor boot camp classes, you understand the traveling personal trainer who trains at multiple locations including parks, schools, or parking lots. These workouts can be exciting because the group fitness instructors use a lot of the natural environment as tools for working out. If you ever go to a park early in the morning or evening, you might see individuals doing inverted push-ups against the slide, or pull-ups on the monkey bars. Using the natural environment is fun because it’s different from the regular gym equipment everyone has used during the colder months.  

Hiking is another outdoor fitness activity that you can do to enjoy the sunshine while getting fit. Hiking helps strengthen and tone the legs and glutes in addition to building cardiovascular fitness and endurance. If you are going hiking for the day, be sure your backpack fits snugly enough on your back to prevent bouncing and chafing. Pack extra water since many camping sites are miles apart from each other. Bug spray is another precaution you can take to make your hike more enjoyable. If you are going for a solo hike, be sure to let someone know where you will be hiking, what route you plan to use, and what time you expect to be back.

Running and cycling are other great outdoor activities you can do to build fitness, endurance, and torch calories. If you are new to either sport, consider joining a social group at any local running store or cycling shop. You’ll meet others that are working on similar fitness goals and it can be a huge help with motivation and accountability. Aquatic fitness is also very popular at various health clubs and community centers. Water aerobics classes allow you to stay cool and relaxed in the water while you work on toning and strengthening your body with low-impact exercises.

Be sure to take extra health precautions when working out in the sun. Take extra water with you and drink often to prevent dehydration. Some individuals will set a timer to help them to remember to take frequent sips. If you wait until you feel thirsty, chances are you are already dehydrated. Proper hydration can provide sustained energy and proper electrolyte balances. Sun protection is another health precaution you will need to take when exercising in the sun. Sunblock and sunscreen can help prevent sunburns as well as hats. Sunglasses can help minimize glare when working out. 

Give your current workouts a jolt of sunshine by taking them outside and get your fitness clients outdoors and on their way to improved fitness! Check out ASFA's Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instruction Certification by clicking the link below.



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