Five Fun Group Exercise Tips

Group exercise can offer a lot more variety than individual activities. Getting to meet new people and incorporating new moves and challenges are just part of the fun of group exercise. Below are some fun tips to get the most out of your group workouts:

  1. Be sociable! You are all together for the united goal of having a healthier lifestyle and achieving a greater fitness level. It’s easy to connect to people in the same activity or sport. Getting to work out with the same groups each week leads to friendship and comradery and also accountability. You will not want to miss any of your early morning workouts when you know you have friends waiting on you. Those workouts become like playdates and those physical challenges will become events you look forward to. Even waking up early in the morning doesn’t seem as bad when you have friends and teammates waiting on you to help you start off your day on a healthy note.
  2. Be open to trying new things! Not all instructors will do things the same way and not everyone in the group will be at the same level, but everyone collectively has something positive to bring to the group. Something that may seem awkward or different may end up being a favorite activity or new hobby. Trying new things is also a great way to prevent getting stuck in a rut or those annoying exercise plateaus. Trying new things will keep you challenged and also prevent boredom.
  3. Invite your friends to join you! The more the merrier! Group fitness is most fun when there are larger groups of participants. Because everyone will be working towards different goals and everyone will be at various fitness levels, having a larger group will enable participants to break into smaller groups that are best tailored to their goals. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up to a group event and having anxiety over not being able to keep up. With larger groups, there will always be somebody similar to your current level to pair up with and then you can challenge each other. Don’t forget to be encouraging to each other. We all appreciate a pat on the back when we are doing something challenging.
  4. Meet someplace new! Sometimes the same workout can be fun when done in a new environment. If you are organizing a group run, try meeting at a different trail or a different park each time so the route is always changing and fun. Some groups will even meet at restaurants sometimes and hang out afterwards for food and drinks.
  5. Change up your music! Keeping your playlist fun and current can keep everyone engaged and happy. Good music always keeps everyone’s spirits up. You can even make themed workouts with music tailored to your theme. It’s definitely more fun working out to your favorite songs.

Group exercise can be fun. Try changing things up every so often to keep your groups and your classes fresh, and also to prevent boredom. Try a new location and new playlists and watch your groups grow!

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