Fitness Routines for Maximum Calorie Burn



Finding the perfect fitness plan can be challenging when taking outside contributing factors into account such as time availability, motivation, accountability, stress levels, family life, and personal health. At home personal training has helped individuals find balance between a busy life and personal fitness goals. Being able to find a fitness routine that burns the maximum amount of calories and aids in athlete conditioning can be less challenging with the help of the Association of Professional Trainers. They help support the education personal trainer programs and support the following fitness routines for maximum calorie burn:

  • Kickboxing.  Kickboxing and martial arts fitness classes are high impact and highly energetic group fitness classes that burn calories, tone the body, and build self-esteem and confidence. Martial arts fitness has even grown in popularity in youth exercise programs to help youths with extra energy find a healthy outlet and learn to focus.  
  • Running. Running is a great way to burn calories and can help the body combat cortisol, the stress hormone. The average person burns approximately one hundred calories per mile. With that high calorie burn, it’s easy to see how distance runners burn so many calories during training and competition.
  • Bootcamp Classes. Bootcamp classes use high intensity interval training that combines timed intervals of cardio with timed intervals of weight training to blast calories in the short amount of time. Some athletes have noted that one hour of bootcamp training burns as much calories as two hours of traditional aerobics classes! Getting your heart rate up multiple times helps build endurance and stamina as well.
  • Power Pilates. Power Pilates combine aerobic cardio exercises with the toning Pilates movements for a full body challenging workout. The cardio portion burns calories during the workout and the strength training Pilates exercises build lean muscle tissue to continue that calorie burn even after you complete your workout.
  • Indoor cycling. Indoor cycling gives clients the greatest control over their indoor workouts. The resistance can be increased to mimic uphill cycling and being able to switch between standing and sitting on the seat allows the client to use a variety of different leg muscles to really tap into your body’s stored energy.  

These are just a few fitness routines that burn a lot of calories. If you are recovering from injury or have special physical needs, be sure to work with a personal trainer to help get you started with a new fitness plan that best aligns with your personal fitness goals and needs. Personal trainers can help recommend modifications or accommodations to exercises so that you’re still benefitting from the workout while staying safe.

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