Fitness Options For Older Adults

Fitness is just as important for older adults as it is for younger generations. Staying active and fit in your senior years can provide you with better health and increased independence. Older adults may not be able to do many of the activities they enjoyed in their youth, but there are a wide variety of fitness options for our active senior athletes.  

New kettlebell exercises are an easy yet challenging way for older adults to build fitness. As we age, our bones age as well and lose density. Strength training of any kind is a way to protect your bones and joints and slow down the loss of bone density. Having good bone mass is essential as we age. It can protect us from serious injury if we should fall and can help improve stability making us less likely to fall. The kettlebell does not need to be heavy to make a big impact on personal fitness. Any instructor who has completed personal fitness training online or in a classroom can help you with kettlebell exercises and make sure you are practicing good form for maximum health benefits. 

Walking is another fitness option for older adults to stay healthy. You don’t have to walk far or too fast. You just have to walk briskly enough to raise your heart rate to build endurance and improve cardiovascular health. Walking is something that all ages and all fitness levels can do together. If you feel like you need to go slower, go slower and enjoy the time to yourself to improve overall health. If you feel you can go faster or further, savor the challenge and go for it! If you are walking outdoors, be sure to let someone know where you are going for safety purposes and remember to bring a hat and water to protect yourself from the elements and to stay hydrated.

Swimming is another low-impact activity that is popular for active, older adults. The pool itself provides many options for improving personal fitness. You can use the pool to walk in if you are unable to walk on concrete. The water displaces your body weight and makes it a perfect solution for walkers who are recovering from injury or have other health problems that make walking outside difficult. You can do light resistance training in the pool. You can use a pool weight or simply use your own body weight for resistance. You can do squats, lunges, kicks, and barre-inspired movements under the water that allow you to go deeper into the stretches and movements without an increased risk of injury.

Many exercises and activities can be modified to fit the needs of older adults. Check out the personal trainer certification zone at your local health club or fitness studio. Many trainers have opted to specialize in senior fitness and have received specialty certification in adult fitness. These trainers can provide a wealth of knowledge for your golden years. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!

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