Fitness Instruction – More Than Just A Job

Fitness instruction is more than just a job for many fitness professionals. It provides many other benefits to the community aside from just creating a fitness plan for individuals who want to build up personal fitness and lose weight.

Fitness instructors can help you prevent injury. Athletes are at high risk for injury due to over training or sports related injuries. Older adults are at high risk for injury due to falls and the fact that our bones weaken as we age. Fitness instructors can help provide functional training exercises to help increase functional fitness and lower your risk of injury. Fitness instructors know the anatomy of hip muscles and can help strengthen those joints so seniors can stay more active and more independent in their later years.

Fitness instruction can also help with cortisol reducing exercises to help relieve stress and tension. Exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi can help reduce cortisol in the body thus reducing the effects of stress. When periods of stress are high, the body releases cortisol. High levels of cortisol can wreak havoc on the body’s immune system, metabolism function, and can cause internal inflammation. Fitness instruction can help improve the quality of lives for those who suffer from chronic stress and do not want to take unnecessary medications.

Fitness instruction can also help you lose weight to reduce chronic aches and pains in the joints. Trainers are able to measure fat and create a low-impact variety of movements that you can do to support your long-term goals. Carrying extra weight can put strain on the joints and muscles and can cause early onset fatigue. Using fitness instruction to manage weight can help relieve minor aches, increase energy levels, and can improve the overall quality of your lifestyle.

Fitness instruction can also help with sports visualization. Using sports visualization can help an individual boost confidence and tackle the mental toughness of a competitive sport. Visualizing success provides a positive boost with the mental aspect of any sport or activity.

Fitness instruction reaches out beyond the gym to help people live healthier and more productive lifestyles. Fitness instruction can help increase the quality of one’s life and can help you lead a more independent life in your senior years. 

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