Fit Senior Citizens: The Wave of the Future

Senior citizens that are fit lead happier and more independent years after retirement. They are able to do all the things they had dreamed of doing. Being active in your adult years and staying active in your senior years will enable you the greatest opportunity to continue living the way that you want.

If you have a disability or are recovering from an injury, and have been cleared for activity by your primary care provider or physical therapist, you can look into speaking with a certified Senior Fitness Personal Trainer. These trainers are able to work with many different types of senior-specific issues and know modifications that can be applied to a variety of exercises to help seniors get fit regardless of what physical obstacles they might have. Trainers with senior fitness backgrounds also have a lot more training with senior health and wellness needs.

If you are a professional fitness instructor, take advantage of free personal training (PT) courses that are offered at various health clubs in your area. It is a great opportunity to learn something new or to be exposed to a new style of workouts. ASFA offers a Senior Fitness Instructor Certification online at your own convenience 24/7! Don't pay until you pass!

A certified Senior Fitness Instructor can inspire seniors to get out and get fit. If you enjoy being active and helping others, consider becoming a certified Senior Fitness personal trainer. You can even get your Senior PT certification online with ASFA. Also check out our other opportunities to teach senior fitness classes such as water aerobics or yoga to help get seniors active. You can even start a walking group in your area. 

Seniors are our future. Helping seniors stay active and healthy helps us stay active and healthy, too. Seniors who are fit have fewer health problems and have a decreased chance of getting injured from a fall. Being fit and increasing functional fitness for seniors provides them greater stability and stronger joints so that they can be active and independent longer. Make a difference in your community today and help seniors get fit and healthy. If you are interested in becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!   

Online Senior Exercise Certification


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