Family Fitness at Home-4 Fun Ways

Fitness training blogs and articles can be a resourceful way to get personal fitness ideas and tips for the entire family to utilize at home.  Family fitness at home can help build strong bonds between family members and help with motivation and accountability. Making a collective goal and helping each other reach that goal helps children understand the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and healthy ways to deal with stress while building positive self-esteem. Here are some great ways to incorporate family fitness at home:

1. Schedule nightly family walks together.  Walks can be around the block or planned visits to a different park or trail each time. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of activity and build the time and/or distance gradually. Taking time out from electronics can build healthy communication skills and give the mind a digital break. 

2. Try a yoga class together. Yoga can help calm anxiety and can provide a healthy outlet for dealing with stress. Yoga can help improve flexibility and can improve circulation. Learn to teach yoga online and create a program that fits the specific needs and interests of your family. Yoga exercises help children with self-awareness and body regulation and can be calming for children with behavioral disorders.  

3. Add some martial arts to your regular routine. Martial arts training programs for children are great ways to get shy and quiet kids out of their shell. Martial arts classes increase confidence, self-control, focus, and mental strength. Children who are at higher risk for bullying or have poor self-image can greatly benefit from the confidence that comes with martial arts training.  

4. Have your children create an obstacle course! Children who help design and create exercise routines will be more likely to participate in them. Children who struggle with exercise participation and motivation would enjoy creating fitness-based obstacle courses for their family to have friendly competitions with. Let each family member add a component for complete family involvement.

These are just a few ideas of fun family fitness that you can do at home together.  Experiment with new fitness ideas to see what everyone enjoys doing and build your family fitness routine from there. Don’t give up if the first time isn’t much fun for everyone. Creating new routines and being open to new experiences can take time to adjust, especially for smaller children. Have fun with family fitness at home as you strengthen your minds, bodies, and family bonds!

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