Fall Training for Outdoor Fitness

The cooler temperatures that fall brings can present the perfect opportunity to become involved with outdoor fitness. Many fitness instructors are thinking outside of the box, or outside of the gym, to get people motivated to come and work out. Taking your workouts outside can provide you with a change of scenery and a connection to nature. 

Articles on fitness are full of fun workout ideas to do outside. Many sports companies and athletic stores are also following that lead and promoting outdoor fitness and encouraging people to unplug from their electronics and go outside for adult play time. 

You do not need a lot of equipment to prepare yourself for fall training. Layers of clothing will be your go-to for fall outdoor fitness. Depending on where you live, the temperatures can have a large range. If you are an early morning fitness person, you will want to make sure you have a good jacket that is breathable and a warm, wool base layer to wick moisture and sweat away. If you work out during the day, you will benefit from the sunshine and may not need so many layers to start with. Dress for evening workouts may be similar to the early morning exercisers. Be sure to have a flashlight or reflective vest on if you are running when it’s dark for easy visibility from motorists. Remember that it gets darker faster in the fall. A run after work that starts in daylight may end in the dark. Stay safe by having reflective gear or by adding reflective tape to the gear that you already have. 

Many boot camp-inspired classes have been moved outside too for the added benefit of getting in a good workout without having to go to the gym. You’ll be getting the essentials of strength training and conditioning all in one. Be sure to bring your clothing layers to your outside exercise class.  Staying dry will be important for comfort. It’s okay to start a little chilly, knowing that you will be working hard and working up a sweat. Dressing in too many layers in the beginning will cause you to sweat faster and your base layers will become wet and cold. 

Outdoor fitness gives you the opportunity to build functional fitness in a unique environment. Your group fitness instructor might focus on exercises with a stability ball one day and a fat loss workout routine on another day. If you feel like you get stuck in a rut or get bored easily, try an outdoor fitness class for variety. No two classes are ever the same. You’ll have more energy, better focus, and may even feel younger engaging in a regular outdoor fitness routine. 

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