Explore Personal Training Specialty Qualifications

Exploring personal training specialty markets refers to finding a personal trainer who is trained in a specific area or specialty, rather than an extensive, but general fitness background. Having a trainer who is specialized in one specific area can give you greater benefits if you are looking into Sport Specific or customized training for a specific set of goals.

When you decide you need a fitness trainer, it is important to identify what your personal goals are so you can make sure you are paired with a trainer who can help you get there. For example, if you are interested in the best kettlebell workout for women, you don’t want to hire a basketball coach or ice-skating instructor. Both may have completed the proper qualifications to be a certified personal trainer, but their specialty will not help you achieve your goals. You would want a strength training instructor with the best kettlebell certification. The strength training instructor would be more familiar with teaching a large list of kettlebell exercises and be able to show you a variety of modifications to help you be your best. 

Many trainers come with a specific area of interest and passion. As they obtain their personal training certifications, many will continue to get additional certifications in their areas of interest, such as senior fitness so they can offer personal trainer services for baby boomers. Some will choose to get certifications in group fitness so they can teach classes such as dance fitness or indoor cycling

If you want to start a personal training business, exploring personal training specialty markets will be able to provide you with specific areas of expertise to offer your clients. You can advertise your specialty on social media and through mailings to help spread the word. Working at a private studio that specializes in your area of expertise can also help provide you with employment opportunities and loyal clients. Pilates studios, for example, need Pilates instructors – not aerobics teachers. Bootcamp inspired studios need bootcamp instructors, not a water fitness specialist. All are trainers, and all have passed their personal training certification exams, but their areas of expertise are different. Getting the right type of trainer for the job can make a big difference in the success of personal fitness. 

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