Dynamic Speed Training

Dynamic speed training can improve quickness and improve agility. These types of drills to increase speed can be beneficial for both athletes and recreational sports. Runners and cyclists will use a lot of speed drills to improve marathon times or triathlon times. With enough improvements, you can use your speed to qualify for other events.  

Balance and agility exercises can be used within your speed training routine to get the maximum benefit from your hard work. The core muscles will be further engaged, activating smaller muscle groups to assist the main muscle groups creating a powerhouse of strength. A speed and agility coach can help you create a custom training plan to help you with specific training goals. The best agility drills for one sport may not be the best agility drills for another sport. Consult your coach or certified personal trainer to make sure you are doing the best form of exercise for your body and fitness level.

Plyometrics for speed and agility are also a favorite within the fitness community. Plyometrics use explosive styled moves to help lean out and activate the smaller muscles groups. It helps to produce more lean muscles. Basic agility drills can be used to practice form and function until you are confident to move on without making modifications. The best part of plyometrics is not having to have any equipment around. Plyometrics utilize your own body fat fir resistance.

Drills for athletes will look different depending what your specific area of interest is it. Every person can benefit from dynamic speed drills. If the client is not looking for a specific sports goal, they can still benefit from the routine.   Many of the drills can overlap into functional fitness from here.

Always keep a positive outlook during workouts and training. Some days will feel easier than others and that is okay . The benefits of dynamic speed training can be easiest measured in success. Getting that faster time or qualifying for a bigger run is the reason we do what we do.

Speed and Agility Certification

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