Deep Water Aerobics – The Next Level

Deep water aerobics is an effective way of taking your aquatic fitness to the next level. Deep water aerobics for fitness training conditions the entire body. With your body further submerged in the water, you work more muscles simultaneously and burn more calories. Functional training programs often include deep water aerobics to help individuals improve their functional fitness in a low-impact environment that eliminates stress and impact from the joints. 

Athletes can use deep water aerobics to take their personal fitness to the next level as well, making them stronger and more competitive in their sport. Muscular strength exercise routines can be performed in deep water to reduce the impact on their joints and muscles, allowing them to train harder and safer. The weight displacement of the water decreases the risk of injury. When an athlete reduces their risk of injury, they will not need as many recovery days after a hard workout. This allows them to jump back into their training more quickly giving them a higher competitive edge over their competition.

The natural resistance of the water helps to build lean muscle safely while protecting your joints. Deep water aerobics also helps with improving your personal core strength as you fight the water resistance to stay stable and upright. If you are a runner, try deep water aerobics to improve speed and stamina. Try running in the water a few days a week for one month. Then take your run to the streets outside and see how much stronger you feel and faster your times are! Many runners who do their speed work on the street end up injured before they reach their fitness goals. Deep water aerobics can help you reach your goals safely and make you a stronger and more balanced athlete.

Individuals who are recovering from injury can use deep water aerobics to aid their physical therapy and rebuild strength. Knee rehab exercise movements can be performed in the water to rebuild the muscle tissue and protect the joints. Lifting routines and leg exercises can be safely reintroduced when using deep water aerobics to rebuild personal fitness after injury.  

Deep water aerobics is low-impact and can be used for all age groups and fitness levels. Younger adults enjoy the challenging workout and the improved muscle tone that water aerobics brings. Older adults enjoy a safe and low-impact workout that improves their functional fitness and allows them to remain active and independent longer. Take your personal workouts to the next level with deep water aerobics!

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