Cycling Instructor Certified: Pedal to the Next Level!

Teaching cycling classes is a fun way to get in a great workout and help motivate others to get fit. The classes can be made as intense as you desire for maximum calorie burn. The choice is yours!

Teaching cycle class gives you the opportunity to share your passion for fitness. You’ll be directing the class with energy and motivation that will help keep your clients engaged for the hour that they spend working out with you. Indoor cycling choreography is not difficult nor does it require a lot of coordination which is a plus for clients who are new to the class or feel intimidated to try a group fitness class. Upbeat music keeps the beat and you will lead your class through sprints, hills, and recovery in an encouraging and fast paced environment.

Leading the class itself is not the only responsibility to become a cycling instructor. You will also learn about and teach proper form and technique so that you can help your clients prepare for your class before the class actually starts. The bike adjusts in three different ways. The seat can be adjusted up or down. The seat itself can also be moved forward or back once you have adjusted the height of the seat. The handle bars are the third adjustment that can be made. Your client should be able to do a full rotation without having the knee come up too high and making sure the knee does not go past the ankle. This will help alleviate any knee pain, and is especially important to clients who are using cycling classes as a form of cross training or recovery from injury. The handle bars should be able to be gripped with loose and relaxed arms, but not fully extended.

The benefits of indoor cycling include burning calories, toning leg muscles, building stamina and endurance, relieving stress, and keeping your heart healthy. The average class can burn between 300-500 calories, depending on how hard you push yourself. All of the major muscles in the legs get a workout and strengthen. It also provides an excellent choice for cross training, which can help prevent injury in other sports. Building stamina and strength help build power and speed in other sports. Cycling is an aerobic activity, meaning it gets your heart rate up! Doing any activity that increases cardiovascular fitness helps to keep your heart healthy and decrease stress.

Become an Indoor Cycling instructor today and help spread the gift of fitness! From leading the class, to helping others achieve their goal, everyone at every fitness level can benefit from cycling.

Cycling Instructor Certification

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