CPT Certification – Online & Convenient

Certified Personal Training (CPT) certification can be done online for convenience and with ease. Online studying and testing options make it possible for busy or working individuals to continue or advance their education. Online certifications are perfect for those who have a full schedule which does not provide a lot of flexibility for time management.

Anyone who wants to get in the business of personal training will need to complete their coursework and pass the exam to receive their CPT. Trainers will need this certification to work at a health club or studio. Even if you want to branch out into the in-home personal training business, you will still need to obtain your certification. Online studies provide individuals a perfect way to switch careers or obtain additional certifications to make you a better trainer.  

Online certifications can also link you to online study groups and personal training correspondence courses. Having a network of support can help keep you focused and motivated during your online studies. You will meet others who are training for the same CPT certifications and you will be able to get valuable information from others online who have completed that certification already. Reaching out to others online can help put any testing anxiety aside. Personal trainer practice exams can be found online, letting you know what to expect and settling any testing anxiety you may have. It can also help you see where you need to go back and review or ask others for assistance. Online forums provide an outlet for asking and receiving information relating to your certified personal training certification.

Fitness social media can help compliment your online learning by connecting you to others going down a similar fitness journey. You will be able to access testimonials from personal trainers that can help feed your passion for health and fitness. After you complete your personal training certification, you will be able to join an association of professional trainers allowing you to connect and engage with other trainers. This can be beneficial for training tips, motivation, job searches, and client searches. 

Sign up online to get your CPT certification from the convenience of your own home! Click the link below to learn more about ASFA’s Personal Training Certification! 24/7 online convenience, pay only if you pass!

Personal Training Certification

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