CPR & First Aid Training for Personal Trainers, Save 20% with MyCPR NOW

This first week of June marks National CPR and AED Awareness Week. To highlight this critical skill, ASFA’s partner MyCPR NOW offers fitness professionals 20 percent off all online CPR, AED, and First Aid Training by entering ASFA20 at checkout on the MyCPR NOW site.

Having a career as a personal trainer means you’ll be trained not only in health and fitness, but in CPR and First Aid as well. Personal trainers actually have a higher probability of having to administer CPR and First Aid than other professionals. Someone might get hurt on a piece of gym equipment or someone could have a heart attack while trying to push themselves past their comfort zones. Knowing CPR and First Aid as a personal trainer can help make you one of the best personal trainers available.

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and to anyone. Many victims of cardiac emergencies happen to individuals who look healthy and who have no known health risk factors. Completing a certification in CPR and First Aid can make you a better personal trainer and your clientele will know that you care enough to be able to help them in the event of an emergency.  

CPR and First Aid certifications online include basic First Aid and how to perform CPR and use an AED. Performing CPR on someone can significantly increase their survival rate and can also increase their recovery time. Most health clubs and gyms require their personal trainers to have knowledge and certification in basic First Aid so that they can offer their members the very best in health and fitness. 

You will also learn how to spot if someone needs help. For example, you might see a gym member standing in the free weights area leaning up against a machine. It could look like they might be taking a break between reps, until they collapse. What do you do? With proper certification and training, you would know exactly what to do and not waste any time. You would tell someone to call 911, check for breathing, and start CPR until emergency help arrives. Most gyms and businesses have an AED machine on site. As a personal trainer, you should know exactly where one is located in case you have an emergency situation. An AED machine can be hooked up to your victim while you are performing CPR. When the device says “stand clear”, be sure to not be touching the victim so the AED can get an accurate reading to determine if a shock needs to be administered. After the shock, if one is given, immediately begin CPR again until help arrives. The average response time is five to 10 minutes for emergency help to arrive. The average person needs help within four minutes to be able to recover from a medical emergency. This is why learning First Aid and CPR is so important.  

The best fitness certifications are the ones that cover both health and wellness in addition to fitness. As a personal trainer, taking care of your client as a whole makes you a valuable asset to your community. Don’t delay in getting certified in CPR and First Aid for personal trainers. You never know when you might need to save someone in need. First Aid certification for personal trainers can help you grow your career in fitness and health.  

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