Couples Fitness Ideas

Couples fitness programs can help strengthen your bodies as well as your personal relationship. Studies have shown that when you start personal training, having support from your significant other, friends, and family can help with motivation and accountability when working towards fitness goals. Sharing similar fitness goals as a couple allows you to bring your training to a heightened level of support. For example, if a couple are also both endurance athletes, then keeping a strict sports nutrition for endurance athletes eating program will be compatible and supportive by each other. Fitness ideas to do together as a couple is easier than you think! Build your personal fitness and strengthen your relationship with these fitness ideas:

  1. Take a Hike! Pack your backpacks for a fun day trip and explore a new trail near you. Being outside and in nature and can help release endorphins and reduce stress. Taking a nature hike together also allows for fun photo opportunities together and you work through some technical terrain and enjoy new scenery.
  2. Try Couples Yoga! Many couples will do yoga together to destress and enjoy a noncompetitive sport together. Tools such as stability exercise balls and a stretching exercise ball can help add resistance and challenge to workouts if you are both at different fitness levels, allowing both participants to work out together while improving their personal fitness.
  3. Take a strength training conditioning course together! Strength training is an anaerobic way to build fitness and strength and is favored by those who dislike intense cardio workouts and prefer lower impact activities. Strength training helps to improve bone density and can tone the entire body. Kettlebells, exercise bands, and dumbbells can all be used as tools within a strength training program.
  4. Sign up for a marathon together! Marathon training can be quite a feat as you work through the weekly training. Doing marathon training together allows you to get your required weekly training miles in while still spending quality couple time together. 
  5. Try a new fitness class together or try a new activity you’ve never done before, such as indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing can be an intense workout and learning to work together and trust each other can help strengthen relationships too. 

Working out together can help couples reach their personal fitness goals and celebrate the milestones together.  Healthy and active lifestyles can help support healthy and happy relationships. Get fit and support each other with couples fitness ideas!

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