Competition Bodybuilding Specialist – Nutrition, Poses and Peak Week Prep!

Bodybuilder trainers have a greater knowledge of the anatomy of strength training. Symmetry is everything and they can obsess over the details and angles of lifting to try to create perfection for their body types. An alternative nutrition degree can play a big part of the service you receive from a competition bodybuilding specialist. This goes beyond general sports nutrition to provide you with a very specific nutrition plan that complements a specific sport and a specific fitness goal. Most nutrition programs support general health and sports nutrition generally covers active individuals but does not account for something as specific as bodybuilders and their specific dietary needs. Bodybuilders consume more protein than other athletes to help support muscular growth and muscular repair to speed up recovery time and build strength quickly. High-protein diets that are low in carbohydrates are also used during Peak Week to lean out as much as possible for the best definition for poses. 

This type of training is also different than other weightlifters. Leaning out, building definition, and physique are very important for competition bodybuilders. Other lifters such as powerlifters and Olympic lifters do not concentrate on the physique as much or the diet – they only want the strength.  Competition bodybuilding specialists can help you learn about anterior medial and posterior deltoids development and definition as well as making sure you are mentally strong to meet the training challenges ahead. 

Train smart and train right with a competition bodybuilding specialist to help you reach your bodybuilding goals. Get certified today with ASFA by clicking the link below! 24/7 online convenience, pay only if you pass!




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