Celebrate Your Personal Independence with Fitness!

Fitness can add a variety of benefits to your healthy lifestyle. Staying fit or making a plan to get fit can help you stay independent as you age.
Don’t wait to get started with your fitness goals! Seek out a personal training service near you to help you maintain and celebrate your personal independence!

Functional fitness exercises are performed by all ages and fitness levels to help with improved performance of daily activities. Athletes will use functional fitness techniques to help them strengthen areas that are specific to their sport for a more competitive edge. Functional fitness provides benefits including a stronger core, increased stability, and better balance. Seniors who perform functional fitness exercises on a regular basis have increased coordination and balance which can help prevent falls. Stability exercises done by seniors can also help improve their focus and strengthen their posture, helping to prevent muscle strains and aches.  

Seniors are at a higher risk for losing bone density and muscle tone, since this is part of the natural aging process. Staying fit can help protect your bones, joints, and muscles. A personal trainer who has certifications in senior fitness can help show you weight lifting methods and techniques that are safe and appropriate for maintaining bone health and muscle tone, as well as protecting your joints.  Heavy weights don’t need to be used to achieve fitness or health. Exercise balls and bands are perfect for using light resistance to tone and strengthen. Resistance band shoulder press exercises can be done to strengthen the motion of lifting, which is used in everyday activities.

Functional fitness for seniors can also help address chronic aches and pains due to muscle imbalance back pain. Many older adults can suffer from muscular imbalances. Working with a trainer who can help identify this and correct it can give you a more active lifestyle. Trainers know the anatomy of muscles and how they work in unison when exercising. Their knowledge can help ensure you are performing the right exercises and doing them properly so you can achieve your fitness and health goals.

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