Bundle Yoga and Pilates to Get Flexible and Tone

Small fitness centers have been bundling Yoga and Pilates together to provide clients the ultimate package for gaining flexibility and increased toning. Combining two effective methods together are great marketing ideas for personal trainers who are trying to provide the most effective workouts. The concept has grown with popularity and is widely used in health clubs and studios by trainers and athletes. 

Yoga and Pilates can provide extra benefits when performed together. Adding strength and flexibility to your fitness goals can help with back injury prevention and help with other chronic aches and pains. Yoga and Pilates are both low-impact exercises, so your joints are getting a break from high impact activities and the exercises help strengthen those muscles that support the joints. When looking for a trainer who can add these benefits into your routine, be sure they have certifications in yoga and Pilates so you can learn to do the motions correctly and with good form. 

Yoga uses a lot of breathing techniques and stretches that are held a little longer. You can use these same breathing exercises and stretching for meditation purposes. Usually your own body weight is used as the resistance, but some of the more advanced Yoga moves can use stretchy bands, blocks, or even light weights. These motions increase flexibility and decrease cortisol levels and stress. Yoga is often used to increase moods and overall feelings of well-being. 

Pilates can be performed on a mat or on a reformer, which is the exercise machine many Pilates studios use. These machines have springs that, along with your body weight, can make the exercises more challenging and intense. The machine allows you to get into deeper positions and is more fluid with movements. Pilates is used for total body toning and can help target muscles that are hard to activate in other activities. The moves are performed faster than yoga and with different purpose.

Yoga and Pilates bundled together gives you a power workout that increases strength, tone, and flexibility while lowering cortisol levels. Add some of these moves into your regular fitness regimen and transform your body with low-impact movements that help increase personal fitness and well-being. 

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