Building Strength & Endurance with Interval Cycling

Interval cycling is a good speed workouts for building strength and endurance. Benefits of cycling class include speed and explosiveness training to break to increase endurance strength. Interval cycling can be performed both outdoors and indoors on a stationary bike.

Indoor cycling statistics show that you can complete interval cycling sessions on stationary bike and achieve similar results to riding an actual bike outside. You have the ability to increase the resistance on a stationary bike to mimic the feel of riding uphill and difficult terrain. Indoor cycling provides the safety of location and temperature regulated rooms for comfort. You are also able to push yourself really hard and not worry about getting injured or getting stuck too far away from home or too remote to call for help.

If you are training for an outdoor event, then outdoor cycling will need to be utilized as often as possible to mimic the most likely scenario and training surfaces. Interval cycling can be done as well outside. Make sure you have all of your safety gear so you can tend to minor emergencies as they come up.

A sports certified specialist can help you create the perfect interval cycling training plan for you to help you build strength and endurance. Some athletes will compete in cycling events. Other athletes do multiple sports and use different sports to strengthen performance and endurance in other events. Using interval cycling is a great way to maximize sports drill exercises. The interval cycling helps to build leg muscles and a quick turnover from the legs and hip flexors. Many sports can benefit from increasing the strength in those areas.

A lot of fitness trainers will use interval cycling as workouts to increase speed. Maximizing efforts in endurance training can make the athlete stronger and perform faster. Staying consistent with your training plan is the best way to see results long term. Most athletes will start seeing faster performance times within six weeks of interval cycling. The threshold is different for every athlete. Stick with it and you will see the results that you want!

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