Bootcamp Instruction: Push the limit!

Benefit both your career and your clients from this military style training. 

Once you have established yourself as a personal fitness trainer, maybe the time has come to consider upping your game. If you have that extra push and drive, maybe you need to find a new area of fitness to teach? If you want to improve your career and client base, then maybe personal instruction is just not enough! There are many ways to develop your fitness career. One dynamic, fun and interesting method is by learning the art of Bootcamp training. Bootcamp instruction offers you the chance to really push your fitness skills, and teach at a higher level of difficulty. To get started in this area of group fitness, a certification in Bootcamp instruction is the perfect starting point.

A certification from ASFA® will ensure you have all the required skills and knowledge to take Bootcamp classes. This online certification can be completed at your own convenience and to suit your busy schedule. During the course, you will learn about what a Bootcamp training session is commonly composed of, and how it is beneficial. Additionally, you will learn about the individual techniques and skills you can teach during the sessions. In short, you will be fully prepared to create your own Bootcamp classes and roll them out to your eager clients.

This form of intense dynamic fitness class can be taken both indoors and outdoors and is very popular. For those who feel they have reached an impasse and want to take their fitness regime to the next step, Bootcamp classes are ideal. The group fitness aspect promotes teamwork and camaraderie. Moreover, the explosive and high-impact exercises will push your student’s limits. Both student and teacher will feel highly rewarded after a Bootcamp class. Take advantage of this ASFA® Bootcamp certification today and push the limit of your career!

Group Fitness/Bootcamp Certification

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