Bodyweight Training Certification: Bodyweight Fitness!

Bodyweight Fitness is any exercise which uses your own bodyweight for resistance. Bodyweight training certification is heavily based on Functional Fitness exercises and aligns well with the Functional Fitness Instructor Certification. Bodyweight Fitness not only strengthens but serves a greater purpose by making you stronger and better balanced for your everyday activities.

Bodyweight Training Certification will help you create functional training schedules and functional circuit exercises. Mountain climbers, push-ups, lunges, and squats are all examples of exercises that use your bodyweight as resistance. The best thing about bodyweight fitness is that you always have what you need since you use your own bodyweight as the resistance. No more excuses about not having what you need to perform the’ve had it with you all along.

Plyometric exercises also can be done using your bodyweight as resistance. Plyometric moves help build power, stamina, and can help with speed training and faster rotation of muscle response.

Bodyweight Training Certification helps you learn all of the moves and modifications you can use to keep your clients injury free. Even using your own bodyweight, having bad form or straining can lead to injury. It is best to have a personal trainer with Bodyweight Training certification to show you the proper way to work out, help spot you, and monitor your form and progress. Progress can be measured by strength and stamina. With consistency, the workouts do not get easier, but you do become stronger. Strength from training helps to improve overall health and fitness.

If you are someone who enjoys working out and connecting with other athletes, a career in Bodyweight Training Certification could be the perfect match for you! 

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started today! 24/7 convenience, only pay if you pass! 

Bodyweight Training Certification

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