Bodyweight Strength Training While on Vacation

Bodyweight training doesn’t have to stop when you leave on vacation. Bodyweight training is one of the easiest exercises to do when not at home since you don’t need any special equipment or gear to perform any of the moves.

Strength fitness using your body weight can help build lean muscle tissue and help to strengthen and protect your joints. A personal training manual can be used to log your workouts while you are on vacation. Many training manuals also offer workout ideas and tips to keep you motivated while you are away. Fitness home study sites are also great resources for bodyweight training exercises while on vacation.

Use the opportunity to explore new places and take your workouts outside. No need to be stuck in a hotel room if you are used to working out in the great outdoors. Local parks provide great places to use bodyweight training moves to improve your fitness. If you get there early enough before all of the equipment is being used by children, you can have your own fitness playground to workout. The park benches can be used to do one legged squats and step-ups. The monkey bars can be used for pull-ups. The side of the slides can be used for inverted push-ups. The swings can be used for core work when you put your feet on the seat. Creativity is endless when you get to try new ideas.

More traditional bodyweight training can be done in the privacy of your hotel room as well. Lunges, squats, mountain climbers, plank holds, push-ups, and leg lifts are all exercises you can do independently in your room while on vacation. Many hotels have a fitness center that you can use as well to get your bodyweight training in. The beauty of using your body weight for resistance is that you never have to go to a gym to get your workout completed.

Certified physical trainer instructors like using bodyweight training because it helps you learn good form without adding any extra weight that could cause strain or injury. Using your bodyweight also helps you become very in tune with your own body and how your personal biomechanics work and provides the greatest opportunity for personal awareness with focus on form. You already have what it takes to perform bodyweight training. Enjoy the benefits of strength and fitness while on vacation too!

Bodyweight Fitness Certification

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