Bodyweight Fitness: At-home Workouts

Bodyweight fitness is the easiest of workouts to perform at home because you already have everything you need to work out – yourself!! Bodyweight fitness means that you are using your own body weight as resistance. No further equipment is needed!

Plyometric moves are a great way to incorporate your bodyweight into an explosive cardio/strength combo. Plyometric routines can provide a full body functional workout by building strength and getting your heart rate up. Building strength using a functional fitness training routine can help you perform your daily tasks faster and with less effort. Building cardiovascular fitness and strength can also provide you with more energy to do the things you enjoy with fewer breaks throughout the day.

Floor Pilates are another way to use your bodyweight for fitness as home. Pilates balance takes a lot of your control with your core, thus your bodyweight becomes the resistance. Yoga moves can be performed with Pilates too to create a well-rounded at home workout using just your bodyweight. There are ways that you can use your body weight to make the moves more challenging. You can hold each move longer, or you can add more repetitions to each move. Using your own bodyweight always ensure you have the right amount of resistance for your body type and frame. Pilates results can be visible when you stick with you. Like any fitness regime, consistency is the key to success. When you make a commitment and stick with it, you will gain the results you want!

Other traditional bodyweight exercises such as push ups, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, and planks are all ways to use your own weight for at-home workouts. You can vary your workout to create a new routine each week or modify it to work on a specific goal.

Another positive trait of using your bodyweight for fitness at home, is the ability to take your fitness with you anywhere you go. You can exercise in a hotel room, while on vacation, on a business trip, or wherever else life takes you. You can always use your body weight to perform strength workouts. No more excuses to not get it done!

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