Bodyweight Fitness: 5 Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Bodyweight fitness is easy to do at home since you are using your own body weight as resistance as opposed to having weights or other equipment. You already have everything you need to get started, you only need yourself!

Yoga is a form of fitness that utilizes your own body weight for resistance. You can create your own yoga routine to combine the type of strength training that you want to do. Any moves that require you to have to hold your weight will be building lean muscle tissue and strength. The chair pose, extended side angle pose, and the downward-facing dog pose are all great moves for using your bodyweight as fitness through yoga. Yoga articles or a yoga class teacher are both great resources for a demonstration on any pose or help with form.

Plank holds are another exercise that you can do at home using your bodyweight for resistance. Plank holds are great at strengthening the core muscles and improving posture and form. You don’t have to do them for a long time to gain strength. Start with thirty seconds and gradually increase the time that you can hold it. You will see strength quickly when you do them daily. By the end of the second week, you should be able to hold a plank hold for two minutes! There are many different varieties of ways to do a plank hold. Select the one that works best for you from the level that you are now and build from there. If you need help getting into good form, any trainer with a strength training certification can help get you started.

Floor Pilates are a third exercise you can do at home using your bodyweight for resistance. Unlike traditional Pilates that use equipment in a studio or health club, floor Pilates are done at home on a mat. No extra equipment is required. The moves are precise and done with small moves but held for high repetitions helping to create lean muscle tissue and strength in the legs and abdominal. The Pilates Curl and The Hundred is a couple of examples of floor Pilate exercises that can be performed at home. There are many choices of moves from Pilates and many variations to them to accommodate your individual needs. Advanced Pilates workout moves can be added after you feel comfortable with the beginner ones.

Functional strength exercises that you can do at home are squats and lunges. They are great for building body strength and power in the legs. No need for additional weights or equipment. Your body weight always makes sure you have the right amount of resistance for fitness. You can do different variations of the squats or lunges to make them more challenges.

A fifth way to do bodyweight fitness at home is with pushups and mountain climbers. These both build upper body and core strength. You can modify to make them harder if needed.

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