Becoming a Senior Fitness Instructor--Meeting the Fitness Needs of Older Adults

As a personal fitness instructor, have you ever consider expanding your career or specializing in a different area of fitness? Maybe you want to try something different and have a more diversified fitness career?

There are many different worthwhile options that you can consider, but one excellent way is by earning several ASFA® certifications in different forms of exercise and personal training. Our certifications will allow you to branch out and appeal to a wider range of clients and enjoy more variety in your day-to-day work. One extremely beneficial, and rewarding qualification, is a Senior Fitness Instruction Certification. This certification is focused specifically on older adults and helps to improve their quality of life and fitness level.

Seniors can benefit significantly from keeping healthy and staying active. As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to keep our muscles and joints active. If we do not, our strength and flexibility can decrease and conditions such as arthritis can become even more of a problem. Even if seniors only attend an exercise class once a week for 30-45 minutes, it can still make a huge difference. Senior fitness classes can also provide much-needed social interaction, giving them the chance to meet other seniors and engage in a meaningful activity as a group fitness class.

ASFA's® certification in Senior Fitness Instruction is the perfect way to help improve an older adults’ quality of life. Consider your grandparents or older family members. It’s time to learn how you can serve the fitness needs of an ever-growing population of seniors by providing safe and effective workouts. Take your Senior Fitness Instruction qualification today and make a difference!

Senior Fitness Certification

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