Become a Women’s Fitness Instructor

Becoming a certified Women’s Fitness Instructor is a great way to help women get fit and stay healthy. Personal training goals can be fluid between genders, but women can have specific health and fitness concerns.

For example, women in their late teens and early twenties can still struggle with hormone fluctuation that can have a negative effect on training or nutrition goals. Having a fitness instructor with the right personal trainer skills can help you determine what lowers cortisol levels for you and help create a personalized fitness plan that works best for what you personally need.

Women in their reproductive years also have different fitness and health needs when compared to other age groups and genders. Fitness turns into a focus for personal health so that pregnancies can go smoothly and getting fit after baby can be an easily obtainable goal. Fitness during reproductive years uses a lot of functional fitness to add flexibility and stability for overall better daily living. Trainers take on that job as personal mentors during those years to help women achieve the best fitness they can for where they need to be at that time.

Women’s fitness and health changes again in premenopausal years when bone density decreases. Women lose bone density at a higher rate than their male counterparts. It is important for women to do more resistance and strengthening exercises to help prevent the loss of bone density.  A trainer can help you through the principles of resistance training to help create a strength training program for your individual needs. A personal training facility or fitness center may offer some functional fitness exercises as well to help improve stability and decrease the risk of fall related injuries. 

Women’s fitness instructors are sensitive to the specific needs of women’s health throughout all the stages of their lives. Personal trainers can help women at all fitness levels to perform at their very best and meet their personal fitness goals. Getting a certification in women’s fitness helps you create a specialty program that is unique and in demand.

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