Become a Gym Instructor: Change Lives!

Completing a gym trainer course is the first step in becoming a gym instructor. You will be able to join various personal trainer organizations giving you the skills and opportunity to change lives. Making a positive impact on society is one of the greater rewards of having a certified trainer certificate.

Depending on where you choose to work and what you choose to specialize in will give you different perspectives and growth opportunities. A personal trainers salary varies greatly too depending on what type and location you work at. Many gym instructors enjoy teaching in a school and influencing the next generation of athletes while motivating others to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. The teachers job is usually salaried without having individual separately paying clients to train. Other teachers will go into the schools as a coach and can work park time either for specific gym instruction classes or after school for team sports events.

Some trainers will use their gym trainer qualification to teach in a city sponsored recreation center. They will get paid by the class and will help change the lives of children, adults, and even the elderly. Their skills will vary depending on the type of class. They can help children develop healthy sportsmanship and coordination. Adults will want help just getting a good workout in using healthy motivation with accountability to get it done. The elderly will want to improve functional fitness with emphasis on stability to keep them independent and mentally engaged. The trainer will feel rewarded knowing they are changing lives and making a positive change in the community.

Many trainers will work in tandem with physical therapists after to strengthen individuals after they have finished therapy. The trainers job is to help strengthen whatever strength was loss and to help regain mobility and independence. Functional movement exercises will be used to help the patient move around better and to help prevent a reoccurring injury. These movements can help a patient return to the lifestyle they once enjoyed without pain.

Gym instructors can also go into personal coaching helping others achieve their lifelong goals. Strength and agility movements will be performed to better a specific sport goal. Speed development drills will also be utilized to aid in sports conditioning. How rewarding it would be to aid another person in achieving their lifelong goal of running a marathon!

Gym instructors have a positive impact on society by changing the lives of others. Their expertise helps people achieve their goals and lifelong dreams.

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