Become a Fitness Instructor: Love Your Job!

If you are a highly energetic person who loves fitness, becoming a fitness instructor is a job you will love. As a qualified personal trainer, you will be able to help motivate and encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle and to reach their fitness goals. Fitness instructor and personal trainer certification will enable you to teach in health clubs, gyms, schools, private studios, home, and even online. Becoming a fitness instructor also gives you a flexible schedule giving you the freedom to choose when you work and what times.

Fitness instructors get the privilege of assisting their clients through their fitness journey. They help support through encouragement. The hardest part of fitness plans for new clients is finding motivation and having enough consistency to make their new routine habits. You get to be their personal cheerleader. Clients are more likely to keep returning when they are praised for their hard work and they start to see results. Clients will come to you often for guidance and personal training tips. It will be important to stay on top of your training. This will give you a better foundation for creating individual plans, but also to help learn modifications for clients that need them so they can continue to come to class or use your services in a safe manner. Fitness instructors bring individuals and community together for the common goal of a healthier lifestyle. We want you to succeed! We want to watch you succeed and we want to help you through every step of it! The camaraderie of many classes are phenomenal the way they interact. These classes and groups with the strongest connections are the ones that continue to return. They don’t want to miss a workout, but they don’t want to miss their friends and the interaction either.

The personal fitness trainer salary varies due to the flexibility of working hours. Some health clubs pay per class or per client. Others are full time staff and are paid to be available, even if there are no clients to see that day. You get the flexibility to teach as many or as little classes as you want. Each trainer has their own personal schedule and pay plans.

Becoming a fitness instructor is a rewarding job for those who love fitness and enjoy helping others. In addition to helping other achieve their goals, you work a flexible schedule that allows you to have a great work/home balance. This is especially important for instructors with small children at home. It’s never too late to have a career change. When you find something amazing that you are passionate about, go after it and love your job!

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