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Expanding Your Fitness Career with This Popular and Engaging Activity

Pilates is an extremely engaging and interesting fitness activity to learn. Although the history of the activity is not as extensive as Yoga, it still has a huge following and there are millions of people in western countries who regularly attended Pilate’s classes. Pilates was originally developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, who worked extensively to create a range of exercises and breathing techniques which are what we recognize as the practice today.

Practicing Pilates combines many different principles including breathing, concentration, bodily control, centering and postural alignment. During classes, you will undertake a variety of physical activities and stretches, but also learn how to control your breathing and body movements. There are many benefits to attending Pilates classes including developing a strong core and back, improving your flexibility and muscle strength, and helping prevent injuries.

As a personal fitness instructor, you should always seek to expand your business and skill set. One way you can do this is by completing an ASFA® certification in Pilates instruction. This popular online certification will allow you to create and take your own Pilates classes and offer this additional service to your customers. You should see an increase in potential clients, reputation, and business. Furthermore, this extra skill should develop your own fitness knowledge and help provide you with a more interesting career.

All ASFA® certifications are based entirely online; therefore, it is highly convenient and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, this certification is well known in the fitness industry. Consequently, it should help build your reputation as a fitness instructor. Due to the above mentioned factors, you should also be able to gain an advantage over your immediate competition as you can now offer a greater variety of services and classes to potential new clients.

Earn your ASFA® Pilates certification today and start a new chapter in your fitness career!

Pilates Certification

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