Barre Fitness Classes: Tight & Tone

Barre Fitness classes incorporate a combination of ballet, Pilates, and aerobics to form the perfect exercises to tighten and tone. Dance fit instructor training give you all the basic knowledge of dance moves to create the right combination and flow to your fitness routine.

If you become a Barre fitness instructor, you get to select the sequence and steps to your Barre fitness classes. Some instructors will go heavier on the ballet and other on the Pilates. This choice is a personal choice of the instructor and that is usually influenced by personal experience or passion. An instructor with a Pilates or yoga background will most likely use many of those moves in the class. Since each instructor has their own personality and style of teaching, it is best to go to many difference types of Barre fitness classes or train with different instructors. This will add variety into your routine and will prevent boredom.

Barre fitness classes are low-impact making them a great choice for individuals new to exercise or looking for a fun cross training activity. Low impact means there is not a lot of stress on the joints. This makes Barre fitness classes appealing to all age groups as well, including the older generations. A Barre cardio workout can provide a full body workout that improves muscle tone and definition. Barre fitness classes can also help to improve core strength to aid in better posture and decreased lower back pains. As with all new classes, be sure to let the instructor know if you are new to Barre fitness so that they can pay extra attention to your form. Having good form will ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly and will reduce your risk of overstraining and injury.

Barre fitness classes vary from other types of fitness classes since the moves are performed with a ballet barre. The barre is used mainly for stability and support so that you can get into the positions more deeply without strain or pull. Many people go to a private studio or health club to participate in Barre fitness classes, but the routines can also be performed at home if you have a bar or something else you can use for support. Using barre fitness to tighten and tone can help to prevent pain in the joints by building the muscle tissue that supports the joints. Having strong legs is one of the best ways for knee injury prevention.

Barre fitness classes can be used as a part of your flexibility program as well. Increased flexibility can help protect your joints and support lean muscle growth. Tighten and tone your way into a healthier version of yourself with barre fitness classes.

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