Barre Certification – Tone & Flexible

Barre certification is a low-impact and effective way to increase muscle tone and flexibility. Barre exercises combine ballet, Pilates, and Yoga-styled movements and use a ballet barre for added support and stability. Barre classes are safe for all fitness levels and ages, and can be used by functional exercise trainers to improve stability, flexibility, and mobility.  

Barre classes incorporate a lot of classic ballet dance movements and focus on high repetitions of small range movements to help tone and build lean muscle. When you get certified in Barre, you’ll be able to build and create your class tailored to your personal strengths and have fun with creativity combining different types of low-impact dance inspired exercises. If you want to become a health coach or yoga instructor, you will see a lot of the same movements in barre certification due to the low-impact nature of effectiveness of the exercises. Plies, leg lifts, and ballet-inspired lunges are all popular Barre exercises that you can perform using a barre. The barre simply adds stability and support so that you can go into the exercise more deeply without strain or discomfort.  

Individuals participate in Barre fitness classes for a variety of reasons. Barre fitness classes can help improve your posture and decrease chronic lower back pains that are associated with poor posture. Barre classes can also help your alignment putting emphasis on proper form and core strength.  Barre classes are great for strengthening and toning without the bulk. Toning your body can help increase bone density and improve bone health, which in turn can help lower your risks of preventable health conditions such as osteoporosis. Barre blast classes add a little cardio to the mixture to help increase calorie burn, build endurance and cardiovascular health.  

Barre classes are no longer exclusive to private studios and health clubs and can be modified to be performed at home if you choose. A chair provides a perfect supplement to the ballet barre and most Barre exercises can be modified to be performed using a chair at home for support and stability. Barre exercises can provide you with a challenging full body workout that you can do almost anywhere. Take advantage of online certification and sign up to get certified in Barre fitness. Improved tone and flexibility is just a click away with online barre certification.

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