Ballet Fitness - The Elegant Method

Teach the graceful art form of ballet as a fitness activity, and help improve the strength and posture of your clients!        

There are not many other forms of dance that are as graceful, elegant and free-flowing as ballet. This genre of dance has a certain air about it that is wonderful to watch. While practiced since the 15th century, modern ballet was made popular by such legends as Mikhail Baryshnikov and Margot Fonteyn and is practiced by many as both a competitive activity and as a form of fitness. Ballet as a fitness activity provides a huge amount of physical benefits; it encompasses many components of physical fitness including muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. Those who take ballet fitness classes are strong, disciplined and driven individuals.

When considering the benefits ballet can provide, it is easy to see why this could be an advisable career expansion for a fitness instructor and/or personal trainer. You can use this as an additional set of classes to offer alongside your current fitness service. If you enjoy dance and feel you can take this challenge head on, why not consider the ASFA® Ballet Barre Fitness certification? This qualification is sure to expand your knowledge and potential customer base.

If you take this ASFA® certification, you will learn about ballet as a fitness activity. This will include learning a host of different exercises and movements using the barre. Furthermore, you will have a greater understanding of how it can benefit your fitness levels and core strength. Once completed, you will have the necessary tools you need to start your own Ballet Barre fitness classes and expand your business.

Ballet Fitness Certification

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