Ballet Barre Fitness - Get Certified!

Improve your fitness portfolio as well as your own dance skills! 

As a fitness activity, ballet is one of the most demanding and worthwhile classes that you can engage in. Many people may consider Ballet to be a soft option; however, those who practice this form of dance professionally are supremely fit and have a great deal of control, strength and flexibility. If you practice Ballet as a form of fitness, you will receive a range of benefits to your personal fitness and health. If you have a love for dance, and you are a fitness professional – ballet barre could be a great activity to teach and add to your repertoire. By expanding into this type of dance fitness, you can appeal to a wider clientele and boost your knowledge base. 

The American Sports and Fitness Association® caters to the dance fitness industry and offers a Ballet Barre Fitness Instruction certification. For those who are looking at diversifying into this area of fitness, this qualification will give you a head start. The study material includes a host of useful exercises and movements that can be used in conjunction with the Barre (the bar ballet instructors use for improving balance and posture). Moreover, you can also find information about how ballet is beneficial as a fitness activity. You will see how it can improve your flexibility, balance and posture. On completion of our online certification, you will have the tools required to create and instruct ballet fitness classes.

While this certification provides a host of practical skills and knowledge, it is also highly convenient to take. Based online, you can study from your own home. There is no requirement to travel to a night school. Furthermore, you can also complete the examination online! To diversify into an enjoyable yet challenging fitness activity, ballet barre fitness instruction is a great addition to your resume!

Ballet Fitness Certification

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