Ballet Barre Fitness Exercises You Can Do at Home

Ballet barre fitness combines the elegance of ballet with controlled movements and isolatory isometric contractions to improve muscle tone, definition and coordination.  Here a just a few ballet fitness exercises that you can do at home with any railing (to substitute for the barre).

1.)  Leg Raise Circles.  Using a railing for support, abduct your hip until your leg is raises to its fullest capability.  After a brief isometric contraction, proceed by making small circles with your leg and foot - both clockwise and counterclockwise.

2.)  Plie' Squat with Calf Raise.  While holding a railing or table top for support, position your feet so that your knees are pointing outward.  Proceed with a squat until knees are bent to approximately 90 degrees.  When standing from the squat, proceed into a calf raise.  For advanced students, the calf raise can be performed while lowering into the squat.

3.)  Hamstring and Lat. Stretch.  This stretch is the stretch in the picture above.  It can be preformed by using a railing, table top or any stable surface.  Place your heel on the rail and then stretch towards it with a side-bend.

These are three simple ballet fitness exercises that can be done at-home with the help of a railing (barre), tabletop or other stable surface.  If you are a fitness professional interested instructing Ballet Barre Fitness - please click the arrow below.
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