ASFA's Group Fitness & Bootcamp Certification: Pushing the Group's Limits!

You can Train an Individual, but Can You Train a Group of Dedicated Fitness Fanatics?

Group fitness is entirely different from individual personal instruction. During group fitness classes, as an instructor, you must think outside the box and develop different ways to engage your team. You also must consider how clients will interact with each other and what you can do to push them further. Additionally, you must consider the aspect of teamwork and how you can promote friendly positive competition in your clients. How can you get them to work together? How can you make them see the benefit of friendly competition and cooperation? These considerations require a special form of training and although a basic certification in personal training will help, personal training is really about one-on-one individualized instruction.

To teach group exercise classes, it is advisable to complete an ASFA® certification in Group Fitness or Bootcamp instruction. This certification will give you that specialized training you require to teach a group of dedicated fitness enthusiasts. You will learn valuable skills that have real-world application and can be used during your new indoor and outdoor group fitness classes. Having certified many thousands of fitness professionals throughout the United States and Internationally, ASFA® certifications are recognized throughout the industry. In no time, you will be ready to teach Group Fitness and Bootcamp classes. The challenge will be great, but it will also be highly rewarding.

Group Fitness and Bootcamp Instruction are in significant demand. Aside from the huge potential for new clients and business, group fitness is also fun and rewarding. You will come home each day feeling fulfilled, and that you have provided multiple clients with an affordable, fun way to get in shape and feel great!

Group Fitness Certification

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