ASFA's Cycling Certification: Indoors or Outdoors - Get Your Gears Turning

Take to the Road or Gym--Teach the Exciting Art of Cycling

Cycling is a sport that can be done both outdoors and indoors. Outdoor cycling allows you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of our world and immerse yourself in nature. Indoor cycling offers shelter from the elements on those cold winter mornings and a more predictable form of exercise. Weather you prefer to be out on the open road battling against the elements, or inside a studio cycling to some up-beat music, this form of exercise is very beneficial and rewarding. Due to these factors and variety, an ASFA® certification in cycling instruction can provide a huge boost to your career potential as a fitness instructor.

ASFA’s Cycling certification will allow you to teach both indoor and outdoor classes to your clients. Providing you have your own bike, you can take your clients out on the road and challenge them in real-life scenarios and against the elements. Alternatively, you can freelance in a gym that has cycling equipment and host indoor group classes. This qualification could significantly improve your business with the amount of clients you can attract. Furthermore, your existing clients may use your service more, with the new cycling opportunities you can offer.

ASFA® offers this qualification to become certified cycling instructor 100% online. During the course, you will learn about the benefits of cycling (such as improve muscle strength and flexibility), and how to create engaging and challenging cycling classes for your students. Becoming a Cycling Instructor is a great way to expand your personal training business by adding quality useful continuing education to your resume. As ASFA® is known throughout the industry, you will be joining the many thousands of current ASFA® certified fitness professionals who are making the world a better place through fitness!

Cycling Instruction Certification

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