ASFA® Sports Nutritionist – Know Your Diet

You are what you eat!  Diet is half of the battle!  How many times have you heard it before?  If you are like most of us working in the fitness industry, you hear it almost every day.  Personal trainers and fitness professionals constantly tell their clients to eat right, eat better, eat cleaner, etc. But, it is surprising to know that most of the fitness professionals telling their clients those statements do not have specialty knowledge in nutrition!

Most primary and basic fitness certifications do teach basic nutrition.  But, very few of those trainers are actually Sports Nutritionist certified.  So, when you tell your client to eat right and he/she says, tell me exactly what you mean.  And, then maybe he/she pushes further to ask about nutrient values and how they relate to physical performance - what then?  That is why all fitness professionals should study hard and become Sports Nutritionists. 

If diet is half of the battle and you are what you eat, then why doesn't every personal trainer have a sports nutrition certification?  After all, it is half of the battle. To learn more about Sports Nutrition, just click the link below.
ASFA® Sports Nutritionist Certification

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